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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Problem Solved - Corn Tortillas

Yay...I got my corn tortilla problems solved!

A long time ago, I bought some Masa Flour to try to make Corn Tortillas, and they just NEVER worked.

At first, I tried them without the press...just rolling or pressing them with a pan and wax paper.  That REALLY didn't work.  They would never press out correctly...stuck terribly...and were just awful to make!

Then I got a tortilla press and I thought my problems would be solved...but they weren't.  They would still either press out so small and thick OR be splattered to smithereens! Now, my family doesn't usually eat corn the main reason I wanted them was to make corn chips - we do eat lots of those!  So having the tortillas in smithereens wasn't all THAT bad...but some of the pieces were pretty small.

So, I kept working on trying to figure out how to get these corn tortillas to work.  And what was my solution?


Yep.  The Masa flour instructions say to just add salt and water.  But I found if I add just a tablespoon or two of oil...I get awesome tortillas!  I can then make them into chips or use them in tacos or I'm even working on making them into shells to use in a double decker taco!

I'm so excited! I just had to share...oil made all the difference in the CORN tortilla dilemma!

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