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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Writing on the Wall...

Sitting Room Renovation/Decoration isn't some very profound new revelation...though that would be is more renovation!

So, here is the story:  For a long time now, I have been wanting to get some of those all so popular wall stickers that say cool things and have deep meanings...but...I didn't just want anything.  I actually saw a sticker I liked once but wanted to 'tweak' it.  But when I looked into what it would cost to 'tweak' was like $250!  So we didn't do it.  I can't justify spending that kind of money on wall sticker!

Well anyway, as I was working on the kitchen I realized that I really needed to get something to transfer the growth lines for the kids from the door jam so that I could paint over it...and since this is like the second or third time I've had to do that I realized it would be better if I just bought/made something that could be removable...

That is when I found MyGrowingChild. I shopped around and decided to buy a vinyl wall hanging growth chart (though they offer lots of different kinds).  As I shopped around, I found that they do letter/word stickers too and I immediately started calculating how much it would cost for me to get my 'phrase' that I wanted.  It was only around $28.00!  I could do that!

So I placed my order - for the growth chart and the word stickers!  It wasn't long after I submitted my order that I got an e-mail from the owner - Krystin - asking me a few questions and making a few suggestions.  Her customer service and attention to details was AMAZING!  I would highly recommend her for any decorating, stickers, wall charts...etc!  They have a TON of fonts and sizes...check it out here! is the phrase on the wall:

A larger picture of just the phrase.
I LOVE!  I think the "LOVE" is a bit crooked and I need to probably fix that...but that is the great thing...they are repositional but STICK great!  I will say the font I chose was very 'thin' but it still wasn't hard to apply the letters!

Well..I better get back at it...I think today I might break out the primer and get busy with the rest of the kitchen...I keep hoping that I'll get a little more energy and break from the morning sickness now that I'm in the second trimester!

PS...I got a chance to do some writing and Chapter 7 is now complete...I will be posting Travane on Friday!

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