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Saturday, May 12, 2012

How is Jonny doing?

We've been asked how Jonny is doing.  So I thought I'd give you a photo explanation.  

Standing on one foot.
He is doing really well with this and can do all kinds of things standing now.

Doing tricks.
He has learned to do several tricks using his arms. 

Holding himself up.
This one is helpful in getting dressed...that is when he doesn't have his leg off to the side.

Getting on the stairs.

Going UP the stairs.
Though it is blurry, you can see his left leg is being held out.
He doesn't even try to put weight on it.

Proudly posing for a picture.

Scooting down the hall.
He just drags himself.  We tried to get him to crawl one legged
 like his friend Isaac, but he won't do that.

Getting up on his bed.
He just uses his arms and hops.
Posing again...he was really liking the attention!

He can pull himself into the playroom now.

And he uses the rocking chair to play with the trains.
As we were leaving, he decided to show me this stunt!
He pulled himself up using the bars at the end of the bed,
and then before I could stay stop...

He did this.!

Then he rolled out and stood by the ladder!
Crazy boy...and none of it hurt!

Getting ready to go back down stairs.
He often tries to go as fast as he can!

And sometimes, he has to grab on quick to keep from slipping.
The other day I saw him holding onto the rail and HOPPING down the stairs!

Once at the bottom, he just hops into the chair.

All done!
What an excursion that was!
As you can see, he gets around very well and does crazy things.  He is doing GREAT! And though we thought we'd have to try to keep him off his leg, we are now wondering if we will have a hard time getting him to USE his leg.  We will see in time.

Besides now doing the stairs and pretty much getting around normally, he can now also get himself in and out of the van.  This is a huge relief on Mommy and he likes having that freedom too!  One thing is for certain, he will have very strong arms!!

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