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Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Pool Setup!

Well, after a week of begging, I finally caved and set up the pool!  Two years ago when we set up the pool in May, everyone told me I had done it too early and we wouldn't use it...etc!  However, I think with 100 degree days scheduled for this next week, we are probably okay with the pool set up!

Nathan has GOT to remember (and so does mommy) to put sunscreen on though because he is burnt to a crisp tonight!  But the kids all had a GREAT time.  Abi had been in the pool too, but after getting too cold, she had gotten out before I remembered to take pictures.  So the she's not in them.

This year we decided to try the set up on the rocks outside the back door.  It worked PERFECTLY for leveling out the pool.  We did have to do some manipulation of the rocks and the bottom of the pool has a few 'bumps' but the kids didn't seem to mind and we were able to get a fairly level pool this time around.

We are having some cloudy water issues that we will have to resolve, but the kids didn't seem to mind it and all the 'levels' are normal.  Here are a few pictures of the boys playing in the pool (please forgive all the pool stuff in the foreground, I hadn't gotten a chance to get it all cleaned up before I took the pictures).

Abi sneaking in front of me to get the ball Nathan threw at me!
Jonny was riding his inflatable noodle like a horse - staying off his leg!

Nate had a GREAT time shooting these water balls at me...
thankfully he would squeeze them out first...
on occasion he forgot and I got pretty wet!
I wasn't overly fond of the pool location at first...but now I LOVE it!  I think it will be great to sit in the shade of the house and watch the kids play or even relax myself in the later afternoon after the sun has warmed it all day!

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