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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Little Outside Project

I can't tell you how long ago, but quite awhile ago I had told the Farmer that I wanted to use some of the ground hay to mulch the front flower bed.  Unfortunately, when I finally got around to wanting to do it, the hay pile was long gone.

Well, this morning, the Farmer informed me that he had ground hay on the feed wagon and was 'spreading' it on the flower bed so I might want to go and 'work it around'.  WOW...did I ever have alot of hay to mulch with.  Which was actually really good for the grass that had started growing in the bed.

Anyway, I spent most of the morning outside working on it and even was able to bring Jonny outside with me for awhile.  Ethan had a great time too.

When it was all said and down, this is sort of what it looked like:

my photos aren't the best but you get the drift.

We ended up covering all of the stone boarder going around the edges to help cut down on grasses growing through them, and now honestly I'm thinking maybe we don't need all that stone border.  We will see...I definitely can't do anything about it this year, but I've got some plans working in my head and we'll see what ends up coming of those stones in the years ahead.

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