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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Going Home

I will try to post a picture when we actually get dismissed, but we are going home today.

Jonny still has a bit of a fever, but the doctor is not overly concerned at this time as just the fracture itself could cause a fever as his body tries to heal. And, he responds well to Tylenol. He has had to take nothing but tylenol for fever and pain since surgery yesterday.

When the doctor came by this morning, he confirmed that we can see our local doctor for follow up in 2 weeks to check incisions and remove the splint. Then, in 6 weeks, we will come back to Salina to see Dr. Daily. Jonny will be in the wheelchair for those 6 weeks without any pressure on his leg. Then at the 6 week appointment, we will find out if he can start transitioning to adding pressure. We have been authorized to have the wheelchair for 3 months, but we hope we get to check it in earlier than that.

We are all vey exited to get back home and to some semblance of normalcy, but we know we will have some challenges as e try to figure out how to use the bathroom, get in the van, sleep comfortably, and just be at home. We greatly appreciate all the prayers, and wanted to say thanks to Marvin for going to the farm to help Jim get the cattle situated in Marion's absence.

So, until we get the dismissal picture....