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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our New Ride

Jonny got his wheelchair!

We had a few issues with the wheelchair at first, but eventually my Farmer came to the rescue and got out his pliers so we could adjust the leg support!  

At first, Jonny was scared of it, but we told him it was his personal wagon and that they brought him the CASE IH version (it has red on it).  Then he began to warm up to the idea!  Once he got in, he was NOT going to get back in that bed!  He loved the freedom and mobility it provided him.

It didn't take him long before he was learning to wheel himself, turn, and even park it.  

It was a bit challenging to figure out how to use the bathroom, but once we got home, things got much easier!  

While at the hospital waiting to be dismissed, we took MANY turns around the pediatric unit.  It was a rather small area concerning how many times we circled it.  

Marion and I were both very proud of Jonny as while on one of his turns around the unit, he met a little boy who had to spend alot of time in the hospital and didn't have any toys of his own.  Jonny willingly gave him one of his bears so he wouldn't be so lonely!