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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nathan Got GLASSES!

We are now 2 for 2!  Two kids went in for Eye Exams...Two kids came away with glasses!

Here is a 'before Mommy cut my hair' picture:

Nathan's glasses have a slight magnification and small correction in them.  The hope with these glasses is that they will help him to track better when he reads or moves his eyes from side to side.  Fortunately both his eyes DO track together, but they do have a tendency to jump and skip.  We are going to try these glasses for 2 months, and then revisit the eye doctor.  If we've seen improvement with his reading, we'll just stick with the glasses.  However, if he is still struggling with the tracking, then we will have to consult a Pediatric specialist to see if something more needs to be done.

This is now what Nathan looks like (since I finally got his summer hair cut done!):

Again, I think the glasses really make him look more mature!  The tips of his ear pieces are blue, but I think the bronze frames really accent his redish looks!

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