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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Water in the Well

No, I'm sorry to say this isn't some great spiritual insight that should be labeled as a Moment by is actually about the water in our well.  


Around the time our family came down with the Influenza A and Abi and I both got a secondary bacterial infection, we noticed the water was tasting a bit 'different'.  So we decided to have it tested. 

Honestly, I don't know what spurred the Farmer on in that decision, but it became a huge priority for him, so we got a test kit from Culligan Water in Downs and sent in the sample.  It came back contaminated with Coli-form. Fortunately, there was no E Coli, but it was also high in Nitrate (still within the limits, but just barely).

So, we treated our well and waited the week necessary to test again.  Meanwhile, we were getting Reverse Osmosis Water from the store.  


At least, that is what it seemed like.  We would use around 5 gallons every 3 days!  And that was just for drinking.  If I could boil the water for cooking I would and of course we just used regular water under sanitary clean in the dishwasher and laundry.

Anyway, after Jonny's accident, we decided that something needed to change.  Even if our water came back normal after the treatment, it wasn't so good for me to be drinking the nitrates with Baby S on the way nor was it good for E!  The older kids could probably handle it but why if it isn't necessary.

So, after looking at all the options and thinking it through, we decided to go with a temporary set up to start with.  Something that wasn't a huge investment but would get us through until we were absolutely certain where we stood with the water and what we wanted to do.  

This is what we got:

We cut a piece from a stump we had to get the crock up high enough
to get our glasses under. 
It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but it works and I don't have to be trucking around five 1-gallon jugs every few days.  I had thought we were getting a counter top dispenser like this:

Bottle Free or Bottleless Water Coolers for Business
see the little one there...that is what I THOUGHT I was getting
Anyway, the crock works and fills our needs so I won't complain.  It was a shock though when it first arrived...not knowing how we were going to exactly make that work with the kids and all.  We couldn't have the crock sitting on the edge of the counter waiting for Ethan to pull it over on top of himself ... so we had to go with option B!

We still go through one of those 5 gallon jugs every 3 days but now we have SIX of them sitting on our porch and the Culligan Man comes to replace them for me!  YAY...much easier!

PS...The Farmer also likes having the drinking water right by his sink too...he can step inside and access the good water so easily.

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