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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A New Skirt

In an effort to try to get a few smaller projects knocked off the list and to provide Abigail with a few more skirt options to wear, I dove into a quick conversion from dress to skirt:

Here is what the dress looked like:

I cut off the top white part.

 Then I ironed a hem line and turned the skirt right side out.

Because I was using shirring, the right side had to be up!
Confession time.

I forgot to take any pictures after this.  LOL.

What I ended up doing was shirring the waistline down about 6 inches so it hugs and gathers around her waist/tummy area but will allow her to grow with the dress too.  Maybe sometime when she wears it I'll remember to get a picture and post it as an update here:

Bottom line...I got one more thing off the list and Abi does have a new skirt!  :0)

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