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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Made it Through Surgery

Jonny made it through Surgery just fine. Dr. Daily did have to make a small third incision in his thigh to help stabilize and align the bones while inserting the flexi screws. His leg will be further stabilized with a splint, which is basically a plaster form with ace bandage around it.

They will be trying to find us a pediatric wheelchair for him to use until he can bear weight on his leg. Marion and I have heard different time frames as to when that will be. But we know for us that in 4-6 months we will be back for out surgery to remove the flexi-nails.

At this time, Jonny is struggling with the morphine/anesthesia and has spiked a fever. He is not in pain, but can't keep even the basic ice chips in his stomach. For a boy who constantly asks for food and says he is hungry ALL the time, this is very disconcerting.

As for the rest of the family, we are so VERY grateful and could never truly express the appreciation and love we have felt. From Grandma Schlatter stepping in to take charge of the other kids when I just disappeared, to Mark and Karla opening their home and helping with snacks, forgotten items, and a place to crash, to the numerous texts, e-mails, and phone calls of support!

We truly could not have made it through this time without our family and our friends praying. And of course, the protection and provision of our God! His hand has ever been present, and we know He has been with us all the way...from Dr. Overmiller praying with us in the ER to the numous prayer chains who have given their support!

We truly are blessed.

We know we have some trying times ahead still, but are encouraged by all that has been revealed thus far.

Ps...I will post a pick of Jonny's new look when I figure out how!