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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saturday Lebanon Easter Egg Hunt

The Lebanon Hub Club and the 4-H group put on the Easter Egg Hunt at the City Park in Lebanon.  We really enjoy going and sharing this time with friends and family.  This year, Ethan participated and had a great time with help from his oldest brother.

Gathering around waiting for the start.

Lining up before the hunt.
Abi's matching pink bucket and pink shoes with purple jacket...all girl!

Jonny and Ethan waiting for the hunt.

Ready set GO!
The little kids went first...then the older kids had a turn.

Jonathan picking up individually wrapped candies from the grass!
He wasn't in much of a hurry!

Nathan ran real fast and gathered his 10 candies, then came back to help Ethan get his!

Jonny still at it...he'd rather sit down and eat each one
rather than gather them all THEN eat them!

Abi's turn...she had to go WAY out there to find her candies!

She didn't get many eggs...but there was lots of candy scattered around the ground.
The kids always enjoy and look forward to going to the park and playing afterward.

Grandma Makey came to the park with us to enjoy the hunt!

Enjoying Candy afterwards with Grandma Makey!

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