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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The New Boys' Room

For those of you who might not have heard, my cousin Elizabeth is going to bless us this summer by coming and staying with us for several months for the latter part of the pregnancy.  We are desperately praying she is still here when Baby S decides to arrive. But that is another post...

Anyway, since we need to have a place for Elizabeth to stay, and eventually a place for Baby S to move upstairs, we decided to get a couple new beds and make what used to be the nursery (years ago...back when we first started having kids) into the BOYS ROOM!

Now, Nathan and Jonny have already been in this room for years, but now there is ONE MORE BOY!  

Yes, we do have the play room, and yes, we could use that as a bedroom instead, but for now, I like the idea of having a bunk room and a play room.  So, here is E on his new bed:

This is actually one of the bunk beds in single form that I grew up with.
 At the end of his bed, we have a little 'cove' for the boys to play in...or store their bean bags in...anyway, it gives them some breathing room.

Bean Bag storage - hang out space
 Then we have the new beds...we got full size bunk beds so that the older boys have growing space.  I saw these at the Ashley Furniture store in Kearney when I was there with my sister...and when I went to the local furniture store they only sell Ashley I got them!

Jonny on the bottom...Nate on top!
They will actually work great for singluar beds too if and when we decide to use the play room or some other room for the boys.

And yes, the beds are in front of the closet but we really don't use the closet in the boys room for much other than storage and the second closet is still accessible if they truly need it...and to be honest, we can still get into the closets via Jonny's bed if we desperately need to get into the closet space.  AND, Nathan has a great little space up on the top bunk where he can put his sippy cup or other 'private' items that he wants to keep for himself.  It truly worked out great!

Now we will take Ethan's room and start working at getting it cleaned out and the twin bed set up in there for Elizabeth's stay.  I think we will plan to take the crib down, though I'm not totally sure yet. At first I thought we might need to for Ethan's sake...easier transition for him if his old bed wasn't around...but he seems to be adjusting just fine to having a new bed.  So, we'll see.  We might just put both beds in there for now. I'll have to see how much room we have once I get it cleaned out!

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