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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A visit with Heidi and an update

Well, we had a visit today with our Midwife Heidi!

We had a really good report and we were so excited to get a good listen to the baby's heartbeat (at the rate of 156).  I was also measuring right where I was supposed to be at 19 weeks and my blood pressure was good.

Next time we meet, we'll go to Wichita and have our sonogram done.  That is scheduled for May 8th.  We are excited about that.  I don't know yet if Marion will want to find out what the sex of the baby we will have to see what he thinks by May!

We absolutely LOVE Heidi and look forward to visiting with her each time we see her.  I've gotten some great helps from her like Papaya Enzymes for heart burn...GREAT STUFF!  And since it seems that I am getting everything that I'm even remotely exposed to...we've now started on a Probiotic and I'll be getting a Vitamin D supplement as well.  Hey...I'm so sick of being sick...I'll try almost anything right!

Speaking of that...I think we are all - almost healed.  I hear Marion cough every once in awhile, and Ethan still has a runny nose, but I think everyone's temps are normal and Abigail is her usual self, doing school and activities around the house again.

I think tomorrow is our last day of antibiotics and I have to say that other than a bit of a cough myself and low energy, I think I'm doing just as well as the rest of the family.  I do think it will take some time to build my endurance up again as I tried to go for a walk the other day and by 1/4 of a mile my lungs hurt!  But I'm sure as we continue to get better and work on the exercise we'll be doing better before we know it.

It has been so amazing outside with all the flowers and trees blooming that I spent most of the day yesterday outside and it was SO nice.  I've got several small projects I am going to try to get done of the next few days...I'll see if I can get some pictures and post them for you.  Of course, I still have A TON to do in the house with the kitchen renovation still needing the second coat of yellow in a few areas and all the trim done, but I just can't refuse being outside when it is so amazing!

Well, I'm pretty exhausted after a day away so I'm headed to bed...see you again soon!

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