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Monday, March 19, 2012

Update on us...

MORE UPDATE: We took Abi in to the doctor this afternoon and he discovered both ears infected and some respiratory concerns. She is now on an antibiotic. With Abi having a secondary bacterial infection, I asked the doctor if I could as well and upon looking at me gave me an antibiotic too! So, hopefully we will all be on the road to recovery with no more complications! Thanks again for all the prayers.

Well, it has been almost a week since Abi was diagnosed with influenza a, and we have had quite the week.

Abi is still struggling. She still has a fever though it is in the lower numbers 101-102s. Her cough is still very active and she says her head hurts when she stands which makes her nauseated. We have been seeing some improvements and today may be a more normal day than most...let's pray!

I was the second to get sick and for the first few days it wasn't so bad. Mostly a hard cough and headache. On Saturday though, I started with an ear ache and as you know...that is not good! We praise God that it only lasted about a day though. I still don't have full hearing, but the ache is gone. My biggest issue now is the headache and exhaustion.

Nate was the next to get it and he was down for a day! The next day, he still had a fever and cough, but he didn't want to be laying around so he got up and played around. By the next day, he was his normal self with a cough. He has now had two days of no fever, and I think his cough is only bothersome at night.

Marion got it about the same time as Nate and had fever, cough, aches, etc...but not the real headache stuff. He mostly took DayQuil and Motrin and was able to stay on top of it. He had one really bad night that was his turning point, but is now doing a lot better. I hear him cough every now and then, and he said he still gets tired, but feels like he is recovering.

Ethan was the next to get it with a 103 fever in the middle of the night. He had a tough 24 hours but walked away with only a runny nose left. I rarely hear him cough, and I'm so thankful he didn't hang on to the fever long.

Jonny is our marathon avoider. With all of us sick for the past week, he JUST got a fever yesterday and doesn't seem to be bothered at all. He is still just as active as he was before, maybe a bit more testy, but acting perfectly fine. I think I saw a runny nose too.

We can't express our appreciation for the prayers and support we have received. The few meals brought to us we're a huge help and we truly believe your prayers helped avoid a more serious trip to the doctor for me.

Well, I better go, I'm getting tired again. I think we might have a ways to go for recovery still!