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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Birthday Cake & the FLU

So, I was having a hard time figuring out what to do for Ethan's 2nd Birthday cake...I went through all the options and finally decided on Monday to do the Spiked Dinosaur from Wilton's, using the Bear Pan I already have.  But since Monday was laundry day, I didn't get it started.  

Then Tuesday, Abigail came in after lunch and was complaining of a 'heat headache' because she had been outside playing and it was I told her to go lay down and try to cool off.  She ended up falling asleep.  And when she awoke...she had a 102.9 fever!  I gave her some medicine and checked back in half an went UP to 103.4!  We did a sponge bath and pushed the fluids but she just didn't want to move.

By evening we had it down to 100.1 and she was doing much better.  But during the night, her cough started up again - she would cough when her fever was high and quit when it came down. I gave  her some Motrin at 11 pm and she slept until around 4 - coughing again.  When I checked her temp at 5 am, she was at 104.6!  Needless to say, we were headed to the doctor as soon as we could.

But, the doctor didn't really see anything wrong - I mean save the fever and cough - nose, throat, chest, all clear and she was acting alot better.  So we headed back home...only to get home and have the shakes set in with a 103.3 that a climbed to a 104.3 after I gave her the Tylenol!  So I called back in per the doctor's orders.  And we ended up waiting until about 3pm before going back in...after we saw that her temp wouldn't respond to the Motrin again.  

After a chest x-ray and some blood work, it was determined that she has Influenza A - I don't know which strand - but the whole family is now exposed to it!  And of course, I'm the most at risk being pregnant!  I had started coughing around 1:30 that afternoon and I could tell I was starting to get something...YUCK!

Well, at least now we knew what we were dealing with and how to proceed - its viral so treat the symptoms and wait it out!  By the time I got home, my head hurt, so I took some tylenol and looked at the bear cake that had been baked but nothing else done with it.  Could I get that done still tonight since Ethan's birthday was the next day?

I sat down and rested a bit, and the tylenol helped my head so I decided to give the cake a shot!  My Sister-in-law tried to encourage me that if he didn't get a perfect cake this year - he wouldn't remember and it was okay to miss a birthday - especially under the circumstances.  But I really WANTED to do it and since my headache let up, I decided to give it a shot.  

It isn't as NICE as I would have done had it been under normal circumstances, but he has a spiked dinosaur cake nonetheless...don't look too closely or you'll see the cake showing through in!

If I had been doing it earlier, I would have had the two different tones of green and made the arms and stuff more defined with frosting instead of outlining them.  And I wouldn't have just smeared the frosting on...I would have done the stars and other piping to make it really stand out...but I'm grateful for a dinosaur cake to share with my TWO year old tomorrow...that is what was important to me.

Now if we can just keep everyone else from getting the flu and keep Abi and I on our feet!  :0)

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