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Saturday, June 02, 2012

TRULY Healthy Ice Cream - Naturally Sweetened - Dairy Free - Kid Approved!

UPDATE:  This was pretty good the day of, but it wasn't so hot after it had been frozen...I revived it a bit by adding in some regular milk and more ice to thicken it again.  Next time I will definitely use regular milk/cream! 

Okay, so are you curious yet?

In our efforts to cut out white sugar (and man-made sugar substitutes) I came up with a naturally sweeten ice cream for the kids today!  (YAY...I can even eat this!  lol)

1 banana
1 c pineapple
2 scoops protein shake - probably could have just done 1 - I'm learning
1/2 c almond milk
1/2 c frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries)
Ice to 'freeze' if needed

Start by cutting up a banana and some fresh pineapple (I'm sure you could use canned if it doesn't have sugar added).  Freeze.

Once frozen (we were a bit impatient so we jumped the gun here, but since it went off so well I will now keep frozen bananas and pineapple in our freezer), put in food processor with 2 scoops protein shake* (this is the protein shake I used), and 1/2 c almond milk**.  Blend.

Ours was pretty runny still, so I added in some frozen berries we had to thicken it, and then some ice while the food processor was going.  This is what it looked like when I took the cover off:

thick and creamy!
Then I scooped it up in the bowl:

soft serve!
 After the kids had a chance to try it I asked them what they thought:

Two Thumbs UP!
Abi did say it was "different" but not a bad different she clarified!

I think this whole thing would be amazing with heavy cream...but thing at a time.  That is why I added the protein shake with the almond milk...if I was going to do this dairy-fied...I'd just do frozen fruit and cream.  There is a recipe for 5 Minute Ice Cream on but it uses 1 c of sugar.  So I adapted the recipe. I think the choice of banana and pineapple make it sweet enough without added sugar! AND if we would have waited until they were truly frozen, we wouldn't have had to add in the ice or berries.

It was fun for the kids to watch as the food processor whipped it thicker and thicker!

The best part...not only did I sneak into my children protein and nutrients, but I also gave them an allergy reduced treat...that I could eat too!

According to MyFitnessPal, here is the breakdown for 1 cup of this treat is:

Calories 31gCarbs 4gFat 0Protein 3gNatural Sugars 3g
If you go down to one scoop of protein, it drops the calories to 24, and the protein to 2g...the rest are the same.

*you could skip this part I think, but I wanted the extra protein/energy/stamina from it
**you could use regular milk or even cream here, but I've cut out dairy for a season to see if I'm allergic to it.

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