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Thursday, June 07, 2012

VBS 2012

After much prayer and talking, we decided that once again I will be helping out at VBS this year!  Our theme for 2012 is SKY and with the preschoolers, we are doing the SKY Treehouse!  So, my challenge was to come up with something that looked like a treehouse...
see the tree branches????
Honestly, I told the Education committee that I'd be happy to help but that things might not be as intense as previous years.  So, they provided me with two adult helpers and two teenage helpers.  I still did most of the planning but they really carry the day off!

Story Time Area
This year we have 19 three and four year olds (including Ethan).  Usually we  have some 5 year olds, but this year we decided 5 year olds can go up stairs and we'll see how it goes with just the 3s and 4s!

Preschoolers always love the attendance chart!
Each day we put up a theme sticker to help us remember who our buddy is and
what the theme for the day is!

This year, our 'crafts' are more like experiments that the kids can take home and do there.  So I got these little boxes to keep all their stuff together until Friday. 

Each box has their name on it and it has worked great to have everything kept  together.
 Even though I have had Faith Karg with me each day (she is my teenage helper until my cousin Elizabeth gets here), Ethan can be a handful.  Faith came up with this great plan to make a tape road for him to drive his cars on behind the walled off area.  He goes back there and plays during portions of the VBS day!

Sometimes it is hard to keep the older kids out of his play area,
but most of the time he gets the room all to himself!
I have so thoroughly enjoyed helping with VBS each year!  I know it is alot of work and usually pretty tiring, but well worth the investment.  This year, my friend Marla and I are both expecting and so we have been keeping each other motivated and encouraged!  ( is Marla who is keeping me motivated...she has such great energy for being only 6 weeks behind me!)

Truly, I am doing GREAT!  I actually have been feeling better in the last few weeks than I did during the whole second trimester I think.  I am crediting the chiropractor and massage therapy for that...along with the food changes I am making.  When they all go together I just FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!  (of course, if I eat something that doesn't go so well...well...let's just focus on the good parts! :0)

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