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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Hall Play Date

We had the Hall family come to our house for a swim/play date.  I wasn't sure if it would be too hot out, but the kids didn't seem to mind playing in the water.  Of course, we did add in a bunch of water to help cool the temp of the water down...(ha, how many times do you hear that you need to 'cool' the pool water down.)

Anyway, we apparently have a leak in our pool but it at least help up until the play date was over.  Now it is back down to it's low level.  All I can think of is that apparently the leak is higher up on the wall and when we fill it higher it leaks out until it gets to a certain level and then stops.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have any water in our pool right now...

Sorry...I digressed.

Back to the pool play date.  The Hall kids brought these great water masks that my kids much so, that the next time I was in town they were BEGGING me to get them!  Since they were from the dollar store and not that expensive, I caved.  Anything to help them learn more about going under the water and such.

So, here are a few pictures of the kids playing in the pool.  It was quite full with 7 kids playing in it, but I think overall they had a great time!

Jumping off the tramp into the water!
They had a great time with this until the tramp leg caved in...then we had to stop.

After they got done playing, they came inside and watched a movie for a bit.  I had Popsicle in the freezer, but I forgot about them, so unfortunately they didn't get a treat before they had to go home.  Maybe I will remember the next time they come over!

We had a great time - as we usually do - with the Halls ~ thanks for coming over to play!

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