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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My First Baby Shoe Attempt

So, while looking for projects for Abi to do for fair, I came across this ADORABLE shoe pattern.  I will admit, my first attempt didn't turn out like the pictures, but I still think they are cute and I am betting they will look better on than just sitting on the desk!

Side view...the button is just for looks,
it actually attaches with velcro.

The original pattern has a second fabric for the inside.
I decided for my first attempt to just make inside and out the same.

I can't wait to try these on Sarah...
Abi tried to put them on her doll for us to take pictures...
they were too big.

I hand sewed these little rosettes on the fronts to help decorate the shoe a bit more....
plus hide the back seam for the strap.
Overall I am well pleased with them.  One shoe does look a bit smaller than the other, and I'm not sure I got the straps on the 'right' side of the foot...but for my first attempt.  They were fun!

If I get a chance to make some more, I'll try to post pictures of those too!  There are several 'versions' you can do (Abi will be doing one with a ribbon tie instead of the strap for the fair)...though I didn't buy all the patterns, I think I could figure out the other versions fairly easily.  We will see.

(Oh...and I used pinking shears on the edges as instructed, but I found some pictures on Make It and Love It of a pattern you can buy from her...from the pictures, it looks like you could do it without.  I might try a version like that too...we'll see.)

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