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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Practice Run

Sunday evening at church I started having contractions about 15 minutes apart.  They weren't very painful, but kinda crampy and definitely coming in waves.  The Farmer and I talked about it and decided to go to bed and see what happened.

My night was very restless and uncomfortable.  About 2 a.m. the Farmer asked how things were going and when we timed the contractions they were 7 minutes apart.  Progress! I tried to go back to sleep.

When I woke up, I didn't really notice any contractions so I got up and figured they had stopped, but as I moved around they became stronger and I began having to sway or move to be 'comfortable'.  It was then that we decided to call Bethany.  (Heidi was out of town...actually out of country as they had gone to see their family in Canada.  This was all planned ahead of time and we knew we had Bethany.)  Well, since we were still only 36 weeks and Heidi was gone, we decided to try to stop the contractions and wait  it out.

All day we worked at stopping them.  We even went and got some wine to try to relax me and get them to stop.  They did stall at around 3 minutes, but they just didn't stop. At about 7 p.m. we decided that just in case this was the big event, we'd better get closer to Bethany so we started getting the jeep packed up, and things settled around the house and headed south.

We were so very blessed to have Bethany offer us a room near her so that we didn't have to do the hotel thing and could remain close to where she was.  We arrived in Partridge around 12:30 a.m. and the contractions had settled down a bit with the vibrations of the drive.  I still couldn't settle into a good sleep so I was up and down, pacing, moving, walking most of the night.

When the Farmer woke up in the morning he said, "So, inquiring minds want to know."  I told him I wasn't sure but I was uncomfortable and they seemed to be coming very close together.  When we timed them, I was feeling peeks about every 2 minutes apart.  The Farmer couldn't believe that but that was what I was feeling.

As we got up and started moving around, I began having to sway again and the Farmer got me the ball so bounce on.  When Bethany came to check on us, we talked about how this wasn't really our plan but we'd see how far I was.  Unfortunately, when Bethany checked me I was barely 1 cm.  NO PROGRESS!

Ugh.  I was so frustrated.  We talked about how I should probably just ignore these lighter ones and wait until they get stronger.  I was pretty uncomfortable on the ride home but there was nothing more I could really do.  By Thursday the contractions were pretty slow and life was back to 'normal'.

The Farmer was great...very supportive...though he did tease me a little.  At least we got in a good practice run!

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