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Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Fair - Misc Pictures

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures that were taken at the fair and an update on how my entries did:

Nathan taking his calf for a drink.

the kids with the calf

We let Nathan take the calf over to the 'winners' board to take a picture.

Abi wanted a turn holding the calf.
the kitties napping while waiting for the results of the cat show.
 Now, several have asked for an update on the items that I took to the fair, so here it is:

Winner's board - I circled my pictures but because
you have indicated you wanted to SEE the pictures...I'll add them below:
1st Place
People, color
1st Place
Building, B&W
2nd Place
People, B&W
2nd Place
Computer Manipulation
3rd Place
Animals, B&W
The rest of the pictures received a participation award: 
Animal, color
Building, color

Landscape, color

Landscape, B&W

Still Life, color

The only other thing that I entered was my baby booties that I made for Sarah.  They got a second place with a note on the back to adjust my tension and I would have gotten a first.  I'm still happy with how they turned out!

For our first year of 'really' participating in the fair, I think we had a great time and really enjoyed it.  We will have to wait and see what next year brings!!!

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