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Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Fair Results - Jonathan & Ethan I'm going to put Ethan and Jonny together in the same post because well...I'm just gonna ;0).

I have one more fair post of just miscellaneous pictures that I'll get to shortly but here is what Jonny and Ethan were up to at the fair:


Big brother showing him how it's done!

helping keep the hay in its place
Jonny had one entry in the fair - Cuddles Lightning Schlatter - the kitty!

Waiting to show his kitty
We have NO idea what he is actually telling her....
It might be a very LARGE tale!
our charming Jonny!
Obviously the judge was smitten with our charmer, because Jonny got Second place with his kitten!  We can't imaging that it was because he was the most informed and capable showman there!  If we heard him right, at one time he told the judge that he never brushed his kitty, only fed it once a day, and when she asked about a litter box he responded "no, they just poop in their cage".

Nevertheless, the kitten must have earned some credits of its own.  It was a very nice looking kitty!

Ethan did not have any entries at the fair, but he was enamored with going with the Farmer and Nathan to tend to the bucket calf.

Walking through the beef barn.

keeping track of the calf while Nathan went to find something!
(the Farmer was 'right' there to step in)
The funniest thing that happened while at the fair was when Ethan decided he wanted to take the calf for a drink.  He got the lead chain that the Farmer uses to help Nathan, and went up to the calf to untie it from the rail.  Then he tried and tried and tried to figure out how to get the calf loose.

Here is is getting ready to hook up the calf.

Look at that expression!
He was trying VERY hard.
I managed to get a little video clip before he gave up:

Can you hear the Farmer..."Are you getting this?"  He asked me that like six times before I actually videoed E's efforts.  And yes...the calf next door was RIGHT there to give Ethan a kiss when he gave up!  A most adorable video clip!

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