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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Ethan Mess

Why is it I never remember to take pictures of blog worthy messes....oh, maybe because in the moment I'm trying to clean up the mess!

Well, we had a doozy of a mess today. Ethan decided to get into the finger nail polish that was in the bathroom above the toilet. Not only did he try to paint his own nails but he managed to dump the entire bottle of my favorite color all over the toilet!

Yes indeed! I surely should have taken a picture to share with you all, but it didn't happen.

As Elizabeth attempted to clean him up, I attempted the toilet. How do you clean finger nail polish out of the water in the doesn't dilute or flush. I ended up flushing and then before the water got high enough I was able to wipe up most of it. I had to use quite a bit of my polish remover to get it off the seat and surrounding walls. But, even though it was a dark maroon, I think I got it all so the next time you visit, hopefully you won't notice the pink undertones :0)

I did get a few pictures of Ethan after we got him cleaned up as much as we could.