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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Abi-girl's Return from the Hospital

This year for Abigail's birthday, she requested to have her My Twinn doll sent in to the Hospital to have her adjusted to look more like Abigail does now. 

When Abi-girl made her first appearance with our family, she had short dark (almost black) hair and did look alot like Abigail.  But over the years, Abi has changed.  Her hair is longer and lighter, she has glasses, and she really wanted her birth mark to match. 

So, off to the Hospital Abi-girl went and we just got her back home.  And how did it turn out:

Abi and Abi-girl!
You can't see the birth mark, but they did a remarkable job of actually locating it in the almost exact location on the forehead!  The glasses aren't the same, but I think they match pretty well considering the limited options we had.  Overall, Abigail is pleased and that is all that matters.

Last night I stopped in to say good night and found Abi and Abi-girl both posed reading books together.  And, this morning she asked, "Since I'm changing my hair style today, can I change Abi-girl's too?"  I told her of course, I'm just so glad she is excited about her birthday present and the changes we made.

(Now she wants to have matching outfits! - maybe for Christmas)

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