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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Okay...So...I'm Addicted! (Sarah Shoe #2) if you are like'll understand...and if you aren''ll think I'm crazy!

I LOVE projects!  That is why my Aunt calls me the 'project girl'.  But the down side to being the 'project girl' is that when I have an idea or inspiration, I can't rest until I have tried it, solved it, done it...whatever!  

So, there I was laying in bed trying to sleep when I finally decided to give up and just get up!  I haven't had project induced insomnia for quite some time, though I did have pregnancy induced insomnia early on.  Fortunately, I eventually got away from the pregnancy type and have been sleeping well for many months.  However, tonight I had project insomnia. I was so stoked about the baby shoes that I kept thinking of how I could make them better, cuter, easier, etc.

So, what became of my project insomnia-tic restlessness:

Another pair of Sarah Shoes:

Aren't they ADORABLE...
and SO much better than my first try!

The insides are a red that matches the outside...
though in the picture it doesn't much look like they match...
trust me...they do!

And this time...I used this GREAT tool my Sister-in-law H gave me some time ago....
It is an eyelet tool that worked PERFECTLY to put in these beautiful little flowers
for the lacing!
I am SO excited about these!  They look much more like the picture is supposed they will be somewhat adjustable with the ribbon ties.  We'll have to see how the ribbon holds up...I used the pinking shears to cut the ends off to see if that helps them not to unravel.

You can also see that this time, instead of pinking the edges at the top, I did the fold under thing. I definitely like this better.  I also didn't add the quilting to the top...only the bottom of the shoe...which was WAY easier to work with.  They still aren't perfect, but I like them SO much better than the first go around I think I can actually get some rest now.  Amazing how that works!

But first, they are just so cute you have to look at them again:

click on the photo to enlarge
Ooooo...I just can't wait to show Abi...she is gonna LOVE these!  But I promise, I won't wake her up to show her a pair of shoes...she can see them in the morning.  I have several more ideas now that I know how easy it is to do these (I whipped these up in less than an hour and a half).  But again, I promise...I'm going to bed now.  Really.  I promise.

At least, I think I can sleep now.

No. I promise.

I'm going to bed.


Good night!

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