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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

3-4-3 A 4th Fruit Salad the whole meal wasn't red, white and blue, but I did manage to make a beautiful fruit salad for the food sharing at the Eakin's 4th of July party!

We didn't actually have 'supper' because I knew that the kids would want to eat the snackies and fun food at the we gave them a hot dog or two before we left and then let them eat pretty much all they wanted at the picnic.  (I think Jonny had at least three plates of goodies with some ice cream on top of they definitely did not starve!)

Anyway, I'm really sad to report that I didn't get any pictures of my fruit salad.  We were cutting it down to the wire as I finished it up so I took the camera with me but forgot to snap a quick photo before everyone dug into it.  Before I knew it, the salad was basically gone and I had no photo!

However, here is the linked photo of where I go the recipe:

Red, White & Blueberry Fruit Salad
Recipe Page
Mine was a bit more 'pink' as the strawberries were thawed and juicy.  But it was still pretty.

It was also very funny because as we were sitting at the party eating, the Farmer asks, "Did Abigail help with the prepping of the Strawberries for this salad?"

"No." I replied, "She just cut up the apples and mixed them in the lemon juice. Why?"

"I was just wondering, there seems to be bits of the strawberry leaves left in it, so I thought maybe she missed some."

I shake my head.  "Those aren't strawberry leaves, they are fresh mint from our garden and they are supposed to be in there silly! Like I would bring a fruit salad with strawberries leaves for people to eat."  Still shaking my head.

The reply, "Mint.  Really?  We have mint in our garden? Well, that changes my perspective.  It's good."

I just HAD to laugh...then shortly later we were back inside and he asked one of our friends, "Would you guess that this green stuff is 'supposed' to be in's mint!" 

I just walked away laughing!

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