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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

4th of July Girl

I'm finding that Abi likes to find reasons to dress up.  Really she doesn't need a reason, but she like to find!  Therefore, starting yesterday she began thinking of what she was going to do for the 4th of July holiday. 

The first thing we did yesterday was paint our nails. Abi really wanted stripes with sparkles.  So I did the best I could.  here is a closeup of what they turned out like.  

Note:  The picture is from today, but we did it yesterday.
We actually put white on, but it is very light and hard to see.
Then we topped them off with a silver glitter polish that really made them POP!

I painted my nails as well, but I didn't do the stripes.  I did alternating Red, White, and Blue with silver sparkles to match.  *Sorry, no pictures of mine.*

Then, this morning Abi came downstairs dressed like this:

She had this red striped shirt and Aunt K gave her this cute blue starred skirt!
Perfect for the 4th of July.

Since she was dressed so patriotic, we decided we had to do something really cool with her hair.  But honestly, with the heat and everything, Mommy isn't into elaborate right now, so we did this:

We had a hard time coming up with Red, White and Blue hair accents.
Not too bad for what we had on hand.

*She was a bit light headed and overheated from being in the bathroom.*
Simple sock bun in the back with a blue scrunchy around it,
followed by a twisty braid that wrapped around the bun.

For the ribbons.  I simply took white ribbon, tied it to a bobby pin
and stuck it in the middle.  Then I took the various ends
and pinned them back and forth around the bun, leaving some tails hang out.
I think she is the most patriotic of the bunch.  I do have on a red shirt, white skirt and there is some blue in the bottom ruffle of my skirt.  The boys however, are oblivious and they have no desire to 'dress up'.  So they are all wearing whatever they could find in their drawers!  LOL!  I used to make them dress up, but not any least with Sarah's arrival both Abi and I will have another girl to dress up and have fun with!

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