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Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Fair Results - Nathan

Nathan did extremely well at the fair this year.  His Pullet (a chicken that hasn't yet started laying eggs) got First Place and Best of Show.

Proudly standing by his pullet.

Nathan's biggest project at the fair was the bucket calf he named Lightning Chocolate Chip.  Here is a recap video taken by Abi for your enjoyment:

The judge only gave out participation ribbons for his class, but as you heard in the video, he was impressed with Nathan's knowledge about his calf.

One of the Open class Signs with Nathan's name.

Nathan with his calf in front of the picture thing.
The Farmer was proud of how well Nathan did with his first bucket calf.  He took his job very seriously and did great taking care of of the calf, learning about it, and even picking up after it!

Nathan's final activity in the fair was the Pedal Pull.  This was Nathan's second year of participating as you might remember last year's postings: county and state. This year he again won first place in his division and qualified for State.  (Unfortunately, one state experience was enough for our family, so we doubt he'll actually go to state, but it is still fun for him to qualify!)

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