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Monday, July 09, 2012

Update on Baby Sarah

As some of you may know, we had an exciting weekend. I started having contractions on Wednesday, but totally thought they were just the Braxton Hicks like I had been having.

By the time we were headed home from the Eakin's late on the 4th, I was beginning to realize they were different. My first clue was the pain in my back and the second was the timing of them.

However, after going to bed, they stopped, so I didn't say anything. On Thursday I just didn't feel well but didn't notice any real contractions like the night before - just the Braxton Hicks kind. By the time Friday rolled around, I started talking to Marion and eventually my midwife, Heidi, because they were back in my back again.

I took a shower, drank tons of water, and rested, but by Saturday morning I was still having the wrap around contractions mixed with the non-wrap around ones so Heidi thought it best to see me. So, off we went to Partridge as my sister made her way here to help with the kids!

By the time we got to Heidi I was very uncomfortable and had had three breathing contractions in the last hour. When Heidi first checked me, I was thinning and dilated a fingertip. Because I was showing even these small signs of progression, she felt it necessary to get me on some stuff to relax the uterus and stop any progression since we are only 33 weeks along.

We were so very blessed by Heidi and her husband as they opened their home to us so that I could rest and wait to see if the supplements would work. If they didn't, we would have to go into the hospital at Wichita.

After about four hours, Heidi checked me again and I had had no progression but she was still uncomfortable with the amount of tightening I was having and the fact that my nights are my worst time for contractions. Therefore, we decided to stay down there to see if I could make it through a night without progression as well (up to this time, I had been taking medicine every half hour and she wanted to know that if I quit that to sleep they would not start up again).

Again, Heidi and Vincent overwhelmed us with their hospitality and we stayed right there so if I needed Heidi in the night we had easy access. In the morning I was checked again and there was little progress so she allowed us to come home with the medicine and orders to rest. I am not on bed rest but just orders to rest more than be on my feet and to take my medicine as well as progesterone and magnesium.

So, here we are. I haven't had any wrap around contractions since Saturday when I first started the medicine and I have been taking it real easy since we got home. Even though I am not on bed rest Marion has indicated his desire for me to stay more home bound for the next few weeks. So we are all the more grateful to have Elizabeth back with us!

And just for the record, Sarah's heart rate was excellent. My blood pressure was good. And I am measuring a few weeks big. But all our regular check up stuff was great and we got a good report!

Thanks to everyone who was praying. We know they made a big difference. When we got home we found out about another lady (someone we know of) who was due the same time as we are and they are now in Hastings in the NICU because she went into preterm labor and had her baby early! Very strange that we were both going through the same thing around the same time!!!

We will keep you posted as we go on.