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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My New Food Processor

I am so truly blessed!  My husband spoils me too!  (but don't tell him I said

After going through like 4 small processors, he finally agreed to let me get a nice big good quality Food Processor...and I've used it a TON!

9 Cup Cuisinart Food Processor
The first day I got it...I mixed up some butter real quick:

So easy and quick!
 I was so just churned that stuff in no time! There was no holding down the button...constantly standing in front of it to avoid the motor blowing to was SOOOOOO nice!

Then I got out my block cheese and and shredded several blocks putting cornstarch with it to keep it from sticking together.

Then as I got to exploring more...I realized I was out of brown I dumped my sugar into the chamber...turned it on and added the molasses through the top feeding tube...and wallah...perfect brown sugar.  Nathan even came in as I was putting it in the container and asked what I was making...I told him and his reply was "It doesn't look all clumpy like your usual brown sugar mom!"  LOL...and he was blended so smoothly!

I have also discovered that I can do doughs in it.  I made baking soda biscuits the other day and mixed my dough right in the processor.  I have made Root Beer Cookies...mixing both the dough and the frosting in the processor.  I even made my tortilla dough in it corn and one flour...saved my arm a ton of mixing!

Then, I decided to try peanut butter.  We had all these peanuts from I had the kids sit down and help me shell them...then we whipped up some homemade peanut butter!  I forgot to take the picture of the finished peanut butter...but here are the kids shelling the peanuts!

I've also used my processor to slice potatoes for our own tater chips...and chopped onions.  I just recently bought apples on sale and can't wait to slice them up and put them in the dehydrator.  

I'm telling you...this processor has already paid for itself!  
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