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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Tag Team Birthday Cakes

As Jonathan's birthday approaches, the discussion starts on what the plan will be!  Since we started the every other year celebration with Cousin B (since Jonathan and him share a birthday) we've had alot of fun coming up with joint themes.  

This year, the request came early (like right after Nathan's birthday) for duo volcano cake explosion!  As the months passed, the request changed to a crater cake with a volcano cake - because after all craters are older volcanoes!  

Well, yesterday I got the cakes baked and the fluff made and so today I was only going to start making the frosting and deciding on the color schemes.  It was requested that they be 'Island' lots of water and more grays and blues!  But, as I started just flowed and the next thing I knew I had Cousin B's cake done!  I really like it!

Started with a bluish gray then added a blue green.

Decided I better get the water on and some of the accents I had.

Finished up the beach and roughage -
I also poured in the lake water...but I guess I didn't get a picture of that!

The I hit a problem.  Jonny's volcano.  I really should have stopped and waited but hey...I already had a mess so why not just keep going.  But I really had no inspiration for how to make this work.

My blank canvas...with a blank idea!

What I finished with...hey...cut me some slack...
you can only have so much creativity in one!
I decided to have the volcano on a separate plate because if we can't get the dry ice, or if the dry ice dissipates before we use it on Saturday well then...we will go with plan b and I didn't want plan b to ruin both cakes!

Now comes the joint part...Aunt K is bringing more decorations to add to the cakes to make them more ISLANDY and I still need to get the 'boulder/rocks' for Cousin B's crater.  I tried to make rocks out of the chocolate chips I can see that wasn't such a hot idea...but hey...they are edible!

I'll get oreos for the crater!
I'll get pictures of the final final and the birthday fun.  Maybe this time we'll actually get a video of the eruption as!

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