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Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Page - Prayer Partners

Notice the new tab at the top next to About M&M Blog?

It was mentioned the other day that there are many who read this blog who are strong prayer warriors.  It was also mentioned that many would love the opportunity to join with our family in lifting up the needs we are facing or the decisions we are seeking guidance on.  Therefore, I decided to add this new page for those who would like to have a reference for what is currently going on in our family and what we are seeking God's direction in.

Note:  This is not the place for explanations, discussions, or disagreements.  This is not a place we are seeking or trying to draw attention to ourselves.  This page is for the benefit of those who have asked for a place to sincerely join with our family in prayer as we go along in the year.

We often pray for various people and the needs we are aware of around the dinner table - as well as personally.  If you have a request that our family can join in and lift you or your family up before the Throne of God, please e-mail us your concern and we will add it to our private prayer list (not on the blog).  If you are believing for a miracle or God's intervention in your life, please let us know so we can also stand with you in seeking God's will for your situation.

In His Hands -