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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nathan's First Tooth

Wow...this week is full of firsts...

Nathan lost his first tooth!

the tooth to the right is also loose!

When he discovered his tooth was loose to begin with he was very scared and did NOT want it to come out because it would hurt! And this subject has been the issue of MANY conversations and prayers as of late, but I tried to down play it and actually ignore the inevitable encouraging Nate to give it to God and let Him help him with this part of growing up.

And lo and behold, praise God, it just happened!  He was apparently just laying down upstairs chewing on the lip of his sippy and 'pop' it came out...hardly any blood, hardly any he is so excited he can barely lay still!

Just one more proof that our God cares about us and He hears our prayers!  Even down to the loose tooth!

Welcome to the Big Teeth Family Nathan!

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