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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Winter Activity

Back in the days when the Farmer and I were newly married we purchased a Thomas Kinkade Puzzle.  In the quiet of our lonely evenings back in Bayard, Nebraska, we started that puzzle with the intent of framing it when we were done.  Unfortunately, life happens and I remember the day we had to take the puzzle down and put it back in the box because we needed the table for a dinner party we were having. (We didn't have the foresight to put the puzzle on something other than the table and didn't think about saving it on a piece of cardboard).  Anyway, that puzzle got put away an never touched again.

Fast forward 10 years and one evening the Farmer was reading to the family and I thought of that puzzle and I dug it out of the closet.  I set it up and had the kids help me sort the pieces and make the edging.  We worked on that puzzle and worked on that puzzle.  The kids eventually got tired of looking at it and I worked on the puzzle by myself while the Farmer read to me.  

Over the next few weeks the kids would pick at it...put a piece together here and there but mostly I worked on it in the evenings while the Farmer read to the kids.  

Eventually, we got all 1000 pieces of that puzzle put together and didn't even lose one piece!  I glued it together and it now sets behind the chest of drawers in our room waiting for a frame.  When I get it framed and hung, I'll show it to you, but for now it will set safely out of the way of the kids. 

And though the kids had little to do with that puzzle...they begged for another we are doing it all over again.  I would love to have a nice realistic map of the US that we could put together and hang in the school room.  I'm still looking for that one...but we did find a nice scenery of a Sunday Morning that should be fun.  At least it's keeping us busy in the winter cold!

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