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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge - Part 1 - The Accomodations

Great Wolf Lodge, Kansas City - A Family Trip

What an amazing vacation.  This was like nothing we had ever done before and we LOVED it!  Thank you to Gma & Gpa Schlatter for helping us get there!

One of the most difficult things about farming is finding a time when you can get away from it without alot of extra work. And it just so happens that one of the best times is during the winter. Sure, you might have cows to feed and water, but compared to the work load of the summer, winter is generally a good time.

So, when we got gift certificates to the Great Wolf Lodge for Christmas, we jumped on our chance to go in January.  And since Jonny's birthday is also in January, we decided to combine the two.

We left on Sunday after the morning church service, and arrived later afternoon in Kansas City.  Here are some pictures of our room:

Since we got a Birthday package for Jonny,
we arrived to this wonderful greeting on our door.
Jonny was very excited.
(it also helped us remember where our room was in the long hall...hehehehe)

A very nice fireplace to warm up to after visiting the waterpark.

We got a log cabin room with this section for the kids.
They loved having their own little area.

A closer look: a bunk bed and then a cot on the other side. 
They even had their own tv.
 We found the rooms very spacious and we enjoyed our stay very much.

Here are the kids peeking up over the top of the cabin wall.
 We really liked their restaurant as well.  It was very fun and had lots of things to keep the kids occupied while waiting for their food:

Tree fort with animals.

Opossum hanging from the tree.
They tent tables too...with these really cool lights.

Because we were such a large party,
we got to sit under the tree house!

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Activities

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