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Monday, January 21, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge - Part 2 - Activities

If I showed you all the pictures we took of this vacation, we'd be here for!  Therefore, I'm trying very hard to hit the highlights.  Below you'll see the various activities we did in-lodge.  We did so many things, that I'm saving the waterpark pictures for a post all to themselves.

The first thing we did was tour around the lodge.  Now, they offer a 'wild life walk' in the mornings that do the same thing, but here are a few of the pictures.

The Clock Tower
They read a story every night here, and the clock 'comes to life' too.
We found the clock tower story is the same,
but they have a different Great Wolf Lodge friend & different bedtime story each night.

The kids loved all the stuffed animals.

This was a green hall that went along with the Quest game.
We didn't do the game, but it was still fun to watch other people and see the various effects.
Here the kids are petting the wolf during the 'Wild Life Walk'

Nate warming up by the fire before bed!

They taught the kids how do fold an origami wolf by the great fireplace.
The next few activities we did were part of Jonny's birthday package.  We got each of the kids an activity package that went along with Jonny's birthday one.  Each of the kids got a stuffed animal, t-shirt, and tattoo. Jonny got a button, cake, and a few other things like a Great Wolf Lodge Scrapbook.

Jonny putting his wishing star inside his stuffed animal.
The kids got to pick their animal and then help stuff it themselves.

These tattoos were really cool.
They glittered and lasted well past a week, even after the waterpark.

Below are the pictures of the animated clock show:

And Wiley, the wolf at the bedtime story:

Ethan did NOT like Wiley!

The kids also got to meet Violet the next night!

Then there is the arcade.  Jonny got some extra coins to spend here, but the Farmer was also gracious and bought each of the kids their own cup of coins to earn treasures!

The kids have asked several times since we got back when we get to go again.  The loved it!

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