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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Baby Update

Alright…well, we had another checkup yesterday with the doctor.  We had three things to address…extreme thirst, sudden swelling, and lower abdominal pressure when walking!  All my numbers looked good…blood pressure was 128/66, I did gain 7 lbs but he agreed most if not all of that was the water retention, and baby’s heart beat was strong!  When we discussed the three issues he felt that the thirst was just the diabetes and so he wants to watch that closer still.  He said sometimes in the last few weeks they have to add in insulin so he wants me to monitor my sugars daily now!  However today was really good at 86! 


The swelling he said wasn’t a concern unless my blood pressure was high too, but since my blood pressure is doing good, he felt the swelling was just 9 month pregnancy stuff and recommended continuing what I was already doing about putting them up and resting.  Which went along with the lower abdominal stuff too…he said if walking longer distances brings that on…then I need to not do that!  :0)  Really the pressure doesn’t bother me too much unless contractions start too...THEN they stop me in my tracks…so he just said to stop that!  Overall, the doctor felt that things were going very well all things considered and just encouraged me to hang in there two more weeks!


We did decide to add in some Tylenol PM to help with the leg aches that come with the swelling and to help me get to sleep.  I’ve been struggling with sinus congestion for about three months now and two rounds of antibiotics and allergy medicine hasn’t taken it away (though it has helped it hasn’t gone AWAY)!  The doctor felt that if we can just get me to delivery then he can pound what he believes to be a bacterial infection with a hardcore antibiotic which he can’t give me while pregnant!  I did manage to sleep for close to 5 hours straight last night which was the first time that has happened since I can remember!  So progress is being made! 


Well, I have a few other cute things to share with you but I’ll put those in another post!  (hopefully today sometime)