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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One week update...

Well, Ethan and Mommy had to have a 1 week check up with the doctor.

For Ethan, they wanted to check his billi ruben count. They called later in the day to say it was within range and that they'd just watch it and repeat next week if necessary. They also checked his weight which was 6 lbs 12 oz...down an ounce from when we came home. He wasn't overly concerned at this time, but if he doesn't gain the 7 ounces back before next week, they may have to look into why he isn't gaining weight. He is eating like a little champ and poops & pees alot! The bigger issue is that he sleeps very well at night and only eats one to two times during the night! (of course, I am very thankful for the sleep, but we may have to change that to get him some extra feedings...who would have thought I'd be saying THAT! ;0)

For Mommy, my blood pressure was still high (I know, I haven't gotten the birth story up yet so most of you didn't know I was having blood pressure issues, but after the birth, it went up and hasn't come back down). My pressure was 150/90 which is about as low as it has gotten. Again, he said he'd give me another week to see if that balances out, if not, then we may have to do something about it. One contributing factor to the higher blood pressure may be that I started a deep mucusy cough on Saturday which has NOT been fun with the incesion. Since I've been struggling with sinus issues for three months, he finally decided to whip this in the bud and gave me a high powered antibiotic! I am so excited...I pray it works well cuz I'm sick of this stuff!

Also, as an update on Nathan...his fever is finally down after about three days of battling it with motrin and tylenol and acts his normal honory self...but we have noticed he isn't very interested in eating and he still sleeps alot! So far no one else seems to be showing any signs of getting it so we are very thankful for that!

Truly overall we are all doing very well. The kids love their little brother and Jonathan especially asks to hold him all the time! Thanks again for all the prayers and support we've gotten...we love and appreciate you all!