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Monday, March 01, 2010

YAY Nathan...

Oh I am so excited…Nathan actually named his letters A-I for me today!!!! 


For those that don’t understand why this is so huge…we have been working with him for months to NAME his letters…he’ll tell you their sounds, he’ll tell you how to make them…but he has struggled with NAMING them…today we did a flashcard game online that I found and after doing it a couple of times he was naming them BEFORE the lady said the name…and it grew faster as it went!  I am so excited…THEN we did some handwriting practice and he named them all for me again!  You really have no idea how excited (and relieved) I am that he is finally getting this!  He is also doing great at naming all his colors and shapes (even pentagons and rhombus’).  Now if we can only get him to write his name…he knows the letters that goes into it, but rarely puts them together on his own!


This site also has tons of other flashcards as well…Just for the fun of it…I put Jonny on my lap and went through the colors…He did surprisingly well…He got blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple right off and after a couple rounds got red, black, “whipe”, and brown!


Today we are going to start Abi on simple subtraction.  She has been doing great with her flashcards up to 4s in addition and with the new touchmath that we have introduced (which is what they use in Smith Center now), she has been doing very well with adding even larger numbers.  While at Grandma’s one day she learned to count by two’s up to ten and just yesterday I heard her talking to Daddy about what number comes after 100…so there is some definite progress in math concepts!  I can hardly believe that we only have about 50 days left of school with Abi to finish out Kindergarten! 


It is so awesome to watch your children grow and learn and develop!  God is truly amazing in how He created us!