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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the saga continues....

No pictures today.

But after Marion got home last night he agreed we should just stop for the time being.  We decided to do some research on repairing plaster and basically found out that the method for doing such is to put in sheet rock.  One of the places we referenced was This Old House Video Tutorial where it told us that we needed to score and cut out a square then cut a piece of sheet rock to fit in it. Secure the sheet rock, putty it in, and wallah!

We did find out that This Old House recommends a product called Big Wally's Plaster Magic.  You can find it here.  Basically, it helps to bond the plaster to the lathe with an adhesive bond instead of nails or screws.  If we had known this BEFORE we tore out the wall, we could have possibly saved the plaster!  oops!  But seriously, since we didn't know if the problem was the lathe or just the plaster, it was probably a good thing to find out.  Anyway, I did get some of the Plaster Magic on order to aide in the repair of the other cracks in the wall, but we still needed to get the sheet rock to patch the wall we have now. So off to town we went.

Unfortunately, I was thinking that I'd be getting a piece of sheet rock that was cut for me to a 3x5 dimension and that it would probably fit in the van with all the kids.  I did not anticipate that they wouldn't cut it for me, so I made the trip into town, bought the replacement gallon of pink tinted primer and a few other needed items - like the joint compound, screws, and scrapers - but I couldn't get the sheet rock.

I was SO frustrated with myself and the situation.  Fortunately, my husband is a patient and generous man and offered to go get the sheet rock with his pickup after he was done hauling grain for the day!  I could have taken the kids over to Grandma's but Ethan isn't feeling the best (he has a runny nose and is rather cranky) and Jonathan needed a nap.  Not to mention Abi had school, and well, you get the picture.  So it is a HUGE blessing to have a hubby willing to make the extra trip for a sheet of sheet rock!

While I was waiting, I was able to go ahead and get the joint compound on the wall to help fill in the nicks and gouges.  I just put a skim coat on so it is already starting to dry, but at least I was still able to do something while I was waiting for the sheet rock.