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Monday, February 14, 2011


I know that this is not a new topic...and that everyone else has the same struggles with trying to keep the laundry up and running...but I just had to share this picture.  

I wish I would have had the picture that followed this...but let's just say I wasn't a very happy camper so taking pictures were NOT on my mind.  LOL!

For the record, the new laundry technique that I have adopted from some advice that my Aunt Patti gave me works wonderfully!  I now have 6 baskets that I sort the laundry into on Laundry Day and they stack up very nicely to keep the clothes corralled and separated until time to go into the wash (which usually prohibits the story that follows from being so tempting).  When I empty a basket into the washer, it sits empty until I use it to transfer the laundry from washer to dryer and then after they are dry, the clothes go back into the basket until folded.  The empty baskets get turned upside down as a 'table' to set the unfolded baskets on so that I don't have to bend over and kill my back during folding time.

I have also now 'installed' Rubber-maid drawers by the washer that the kids' clothes all fit into.  No more running up and down the stairs to put clothes away. No more unfolded clothes being strung throughout the house as they get dropped.  No more lost PJs because they put them in the wrong drawers.  This new system has saved in SO many ways the hassles that we previously had with the kids' clothes and their chores of putting them away.

Now I said all of that to explain that we have done a pretty good job of keeping the laundry monster at bay and in its place. However, we have ONE problem that apparently is just beyond resistance!  We have a 'dirty laundry hamper' that sits in the kitchen corner by the door to the dining room.  This basket has a tendency to get VERY full and run over.  There have been numerous times that I've had to pick up clothes that got pulled out....tipped over...or just forgotten, but this week, we had extra clothes because I worked at the local Agape Shop. I had found so many items that I just stuffed them in a large black trash bag to bring them home, and of course they have to be washed too!  So in the picture you have the kitchen hamper and the Agape Shop clothes (this does not include the bathroom laundry or the bedroom laundry hampers).  Now some of you might be saying...that isn't very much!  But it turns out to be ALOT when spread from kitchen sink to kitchen sink!  ROFL!

As you can see, the clothes made quite a pile and apparently that pile was very hard to resist in the temptation to pretend it was a pile of leaves to be JUMPED IN!  Yes indeed, I had left the kitchen to do something (I don't even remember what) and when I came back the entire pile...even those in the hamper...were strung, flung, and gallantly spread ALL OVER THE KITCHEN!  I even took one article OUT of the sink!  And worse yet, I had ONE basket of clean clothes that had not been folded yet...YEP...they made it into the mix!

Like  I said, this story would be all the more 'impressive' if I had taken a picture of the scattered clothes, but I was not thinking of picture taking!  Fortunately, I was able to see the humor/fun in the situation and the kids just had to clean up the mess...though they got a harsh talking to about getting into the clean clothes too!