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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dress #4 My Version

I saw this great little dress called the Village Frock (first made and patterned by Sugar City Journal).  Another blog I visit had revisited the pattern and stated that they no longer printed the actual patterns anymore (and of course are all sold out).  This style is NOT really my thing, but for some reason, it clung to me to recreate this design.  So, starting from nothing (or just Abi's jammies for a basic pattern) I decided to create this Village Frock the best I could.  It was quite the process and I see that I messed it up a bit..but hey...we have another dress anyway!

This is what it was SUPPOSED to look like.  
Now, let's take a look at what I created.  I don't know why I didn't print the picture I'll get creative and try it again with different colors.  Anyway, here is what we did:

Please forgive the messy hair...we've been playing hard and trying this dress off and on all day!
 Okay, the first thing I see that I did 'wrong' was that in the original there aren't the 'shoulder/sleeves'.  It is just a long open neck.  The other thing I see that I did 'wrong' that the gathered sleeve is supposed to be on the bottom and the straight on the top - I tried to reverse that.  I also need to learn how to put MORE fabric in the pattern I create so there is more gather!

From the pictures, you can see that I had to 'add in' several times.  Like the hot pink hidden pleat on the side. The original skirt I made restricted her walking too much even though I had THOUGHT I had tapered it enough.  I also had to reconstruct the sleeves a few times to get them so they weren't too tight.  AND the binding was VERY interesting.  It was the first time that I cut my own bias from the fabric I had and trying to figure out how to finished the edges was FUN!

The back isn't very appealing to look at.
Like I said, at least it is functional for a play dress!

Here is a good look at the side panels.  The hot pink matches the buttons we used.

I don't have a WIDE variety of buttons, so I used the hot pink ones we had on hand.
Don't look too closely, that bias is a MESS!  It was insane trying to put the loops on.
Abi says she likes it and will actually wear it.  We will see if she does.  I guess the main point is that I tried something new and creative and it is functional even if NOTHING like the original.   ROFL!  I still LOVE the Villiage Frock...I just might have to try again!

Now I am off to sand down the wall and put on another coat of joint compound.  Hopefully we will be able to start priming and painting early next week!  YAY!