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Monday, August 15, 2011

The 60's... parents have now both entered the era of their 60's!  My father turned 60 last October and my mother turned 60 this past Monday.  

Because of the distance, we weren't able to make it to my Dad's for his birthday but we did try to do something very memorable for him.  He has always wanted a picture of the 5 Converse men who have served in the military.  With some artistic & computer manipulation, I was able to make the following picture for him:

Going Left to Right you have my Great-Great-Grandfather Ebber (Civil War), my Great-Grandfather PJ (WWI), my Grandfather Jack (WWII), my Great Uncle Bill (Korean), and my Dad (Vietnam). *
**Dad - if I got that wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it.***

As a surprise for my mother, we did make it up to Gothenburg for her birthday on Monday.  She had no idea we were coming and was very taken back to see us sitting in the restaurant.  It was very fun.  Here is a picture of my mom with my sister and I.  

For other pictures regarding her birthday, please visit my sister's Facebook page here.  (On a funny side note, I had Facebook for quite awhile and begged my sister and mom to join, but they declined.  Now, I'm NOT on Facebook and they are...LOL)

Marion and I feel so very blessed that our children still have all their grandparents alive and well.  Even though they are all over 60 now, we look forward to several more years of memories!