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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another day of canning...

I had my first jar explode in YEARS today!

While in Gothenburg this weekend, my mother gave me a box full of cucumbers, another box full of roma tomatoes, several zucchini, and an entire bag full of summer savory.  When I got home, my mother-in-law told me that the beans had done well again and we had another 5 gallon bucket of green beans too!

So after getting caught up on the laundry - which I hung most of it outside on the line.  I started processing the plethora of garden stuff that has accumulated.  So far I've gotten all the savory dehydrated and the pickles all cut up and processed.  We ended up with 5 pints and 12 quarts of pickles (minus the jar that exploded in the water bath).

It is now getting late enough and cool enough that I have to stop my processing of garden stuff to head outside to get the mowing done for this week.  I'm very thankful that Marion got the mower fixed and that I have my new iPod Nano to keep my company while I mow this evening.

I can't tell you all how thankful we are to have the blessing of so much garden stuff.  Our cellar is getting restocked again for another year and every jar canned saves us so much in grocery expense.  Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that we have canned and saved for our winter months.

Thanks to all who have contributed to our garden produce this year!