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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Parental Compromise & the Kids' New Toy

Ever since Nathan came back from staying with Cousin B this summer he has been asking for a trampoline.  It didn't help the situation when we went to Gothenburg and the kids found out that counsins Kim, AJ, and Tyler had a trampoline as well.  After spending many hours on the trampoline, I could see that the kids loved it and really wanted one.  HOWEVER, Marion wasn't so sure we needed one.

This is a very typical scenario.  I am usually the one looking for things to keep the kids busy, provide them skills or exercise or even just fun.  And Marion is usually the practical one who looks at the costs and the 'need' of an item.  This is why we are so very blessed to be together.  God definitely knew what He was doing when He matched the two of us!

Anyway, going back to the kids 'need' of a trampoline, Marion and I decided to compromise with a smaller, less expensive option to test the waters.  This 'mini' trampoline will give the kids hours of entertainment and yet not break the bank.  In addition, it gets the kids familiar with such a thing before we consider (years down the road) whether we want to invest in a larger one.

I also happen to know of a few family members who have older kids who MIGHT not want to keep their trampoline all that much longer...SO maybe we can get a hand-me-down trampoline in the years to come before our kids outgrow this one...heheheheh....hint...hint...hint...:0)

Sitting and enjoying the view

jumping fun

Playing outside

the whole crew
technically the tramp said it had a weight limit of 100 lbs.
I'm sure this is more then that...but hey...they aren't really jumping here.

say cheese!

Do you guys like the new trampoline?
And yes...Ethan does go without clothing an awful lot these days.  He gets such bad heat rash if I don't keep him cool.  He also is not very fond of shoes.  I'm sure he'll get more accustom to them this winter, but right now if they aren't necessary, he takes them off!