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Monday, September 05, 2011

I did NOT get my floor mopped.

...I think we need to be a 4 gallon a week milk family!

Are you wondering how those two completely separate statements fit into one post?

Well, here it is.  Monday's are supposed to be the days to get laundry done, clean the kitchen (including mopping) and start off the week of school.  HOWEVER, we ran out of milk on Saturday evening.  This has been the third week in a row that we have either ran completely OUT of milk or are barely scrapping by for breakfast on Monday morning.   Usually, Tuesdays are my days for shopping, but I don't seem to be able to make it that far on 3 gallons of milk with 4 kids.

Now, we aren't crazy milk drinkers.  Ethan by far consumes the most milk, and Marion by far consumes the least.  But I do try to have the kids drink at least one full glass of milk a day (usually they have more than that though which is why we are running out :0)  So, I think we might have to go up to 4 gallons.  I'm not sure how the family would feel about it, but if we could find some place local to give us whole milk cheaper than we can get the store bought stuff....I'd be on that like white on rice!  (I'd love to separate out the cream and use it for my butter too!)

So, since we ran out of milk, I had to make a trip to town on a MONDAY so that I didn't get a chance to get the laundry finished nor did I get the floor mopped.  I guess I could have mopped the floor instead of doing the elderberries that we picked on Friday, but I needed the space in the refrigerated to put my groceries I bought in town so I had to process the elderberries to get them out of there.  Which in turn was a great idea because not only did I get lots of elderberry juice to make jelly with, but when I was making the elderberry syrup, it boiled over a bit and got on the now I REALLY need to mop - but at least it wasn't on my clean floor!

So I guess all in all - it was a good day!