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Monday, September 26, 2011

Gratitude is Transforming

So, I was just laying in bed trying to sleep and this thought hit me.  It was so rattling to me that I got up and decided to blog about it.  What was that thought you might be asking?

I'm so thankful I can hear my washing machine running!


"What?" you might be asking.  Well, let me explain:

Nigh 8 years now I've been griping and complaining that my washing machine is in my kitchen.  The very kitchen that everyone uses to enter my house.  The very kitchen that is the most used room in our house.  The very kitchen that gets cluttered and dirty faster than any other room.  It has been the bane of my existence to find ways to keep the first impression room from looking like a pig sty and I don't succeed very often.  For almost 2 years now I have been begging, screaming, crying, manipulating, and any other "ing" I could come up with to get an addition that consisted of a new laundry room.  And what has happened?


That's right.  Nothing.

And then all of a sudden, I'm laying in bed and I realize, I'm thankful!  I'm thankful that I can hear when my laundry is done.  I'm thankful my laundry is close enough that I can switch it easily.  I'm thankful that my laundry is located in such a place that I don't have to stop my life to do laundry but incorporate my laundry into my life.  I'm thankful that my laundry is so closely located to the door so that I don't have to haul it throughout the house to use my clothesline!

WOW...I'm actually thankful that my washer and dryer ARE in my kitchen!

Now, if that isn't a God thing...I don't know what is.  Through my choice to be grateful, God has transformed my heart in areas I didn't even expect.  I chose to start being grateful for one thing...then three things...then five things...then everything!  The freedom that has come from turning my eyes away from the discontent and focusing on what there is to be thankful for has been truly life changing!

So here is my challenge to YOU!  Comment on 5 things you are thankful for.  FIVE things God has given you.  FIVE things that give you hope.  FIVE things that you couldn't live without because you've been so blessed.  If you can't find 5, then list 3...list something, because we each have at least one!  If you are still at a loss...ask God to reveal something to you...He won't let you down!

And there is one person in particular who I issue this challenge to most of all..I give this challenge especially to you!  I know you are reading this, and I know you NEED this!  If you can tear your eyes off of all the things that have let you down, disappointed you, and failed you...and turn your eyes to the One that never will, healing will begin.  Stop wishing for changes to take place in others, and seek God for the changes that need to happen in you FIRST!

I love you Christ...have peace and gratitude!