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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walk, Run, Bike for Life

For years, we have heard about the Walk Run Bike for Life that is sponsored by Heart Choices in Beloit.  This year, Marion decided that our family would participate in the walk/run.  

As the kids and I joined the walk, we stopped at the courthouse to offer up some prayers and thoughts of meditation about life.  I was asked to read one of the prayers.  We were glad to have the Tanis family there to walk with and visit during the whole event.

Abi was sitting by Holly and you can see the three boys back by the tree with Matt.

Jan Tanis reading her portion.

gathered around waiting for the kids runners to finish...
Jeff and Marla Koops (and family) came too.

a picture of our family sitting on the hill
(don't ask me WHAT Abi was doing...)

the kids had a great time pushing Ethan around in the wagon.

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