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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knowing God's Will

How does one know what God's will is?  With so many things in today's society that make the black and white of sin and righteousness gray, how do we determine what we are actually supposed to be doing?

I used to think I knew.

I used to think that life was more clearly black and white.  But lately, I've been challenged with situations that are not at all clearly defined.  How can someone give or receive advice when the situation is so mucky and messed up that there is not a clear line of demarcation?  How can one be an influence in the world around them when they are surrounded by such murky water?  What is someone to do when the advice and knowledge they have seems to consistently be conflicting?

I realize more now than ever before in my life that I don't have the answers.  I don't know what to do in every situation.  I often have no clue what the right thing is.  But fortunately, I do know the Person who does!  When our sight is clouded by the circumstances that surround us, there is only ONE Person who can see us clearly through the storms and murky waters.  And even when His voice is silent, He has left us with an instruction manual to guide us and mediate on.

No matter how murky the water gets, how messy the situation becomes, or how mucky we feel, the Word of God is TRUTH.  The Word of God is our light.  The Word of God is our answer.  The Word of God leads us to the Way.

The Word of God will never truly be gray when we seek God and His direction.  There are often times that the Word seems to contradict itself or offer two paths.  But when we come across those conflicts and truly study them out, meditate on them, and seek God's interpretation (and not man's), God will be faithful.  It may not be in our timing, or in the way we'd like to receive guidance, but God is always faithful.
 **note: there is nothing wrong with getting man's opinion, but only God is the Author and can truly reveal His original meaning.**

I truly believe with my whole heart that the only way to know God's will is to know His Word.  The Bible may not address every issue we face in our modern world, but there is nothing new under the sun either.  When we are faced with trials and tribulations (as the Word says we will be) the ONLY place for us to turn is God and His Word!

Friends, Pastors, Relatives, Counselors.  They can all be helpful, and used by God.  But if we do not first seek HIM and HIS WORD, the rest will lead us astray.  We also have to guard our hearts when speaking with men - especially in today's society.  The only true Foundation and Truth that we should build our lives upon is God's Word.  And men try to interpret it, manipulate it, and work it around to fit their will.  But if you genuinely seek God, His Word will be alive and living in you, and the falsity of men and their fallible interpretations will be clearly revealed.

So, what struggle are you having today?  What TRUTH do you need to seek God's Word for?  It is okay to ask for help in finding those passages you need, but make sure that you let GOD do the speaking into your life!